Digital Marketing

Grow your Revenue, Marketshare, Traffic, Profit, Brand & Visibility.

We help attract the traffic that matters with our SEO services, which include local, ecommerce, and National/International SEO. Which Includes SEO, SMO, Content Marketing, PPC(Pay Per Click), CRO(Conversion Rate Optimization), Email/SMS campaigning etc. Measuring, tracking, and reporting your results isn't a guessing game it's experience.

We perform tracking of digital marketing performance, conduct industry research, calculate ROI, and make strategic decisions with our special digital marketing platform.

Marketing is ever evolving phenomenon so here we do not stick to one particular plan if it isn't working out. We're driven by ROI, not egos. You’re partnering with expertise and strategists, not a team which says “Yes Boss” to everything. If something isn’t making sense, we’ll push back. And the results will make you glad that we did .

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We offer a comprehensive approach to increase your website rankings by optimizing on-page performance, backend issues, and developing an SEO-friendly content strategy. We sort technical errors, ensuring crawlers can easily navigate through your website.

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Our social media advertising/handling techniques can accelerate business growth and generate new leads faster than you’ve ever thought possible. By spending advertising budget wisely and carefully, we can expedite results and target exact demographics.

Traffic & Sales

As a Marketing Partner, we create the most viral, captivating & ROI-focused social media influencer campaigns for startups, running businesses. We make brands more likable and profitable via social media and ads campaigns.

Promotional Videos

At Progress Codes, we create unique, handcrafted videos that link ideas to emotions, connect brands to audiences and help you get where you need to go.